After three years of construction, Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa-Djibouti electric railway was finally set into full swing. The multi-billion dollar investment has breathed life and excitement into Ethiopia and Africa as a whole as it glows with the radiance of a prospectively multi beneficial enterprise. Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Africa stand to benefit a lot from the launching of this railway, which was constructed by Ethiopians in conjunction with Chinese.

The 4 billion dollar railway was built partly by the China Railway Group in association with the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, and boasts an incredible length of 752,7 km with a designed speed of 120 km/h when it is lugging freight and 160 km/h if it is serving as a passenger carrier. Built with a dependency on local labour and foreign expertise, the rail is the first of its kind in Africa and has put Ethiopia on the map turning it from a landlocked country to an officially land linked domain.