Dikhil (دخيل‎‎) is a town in the western Dikhil Region of Djibouti.

Dikhil is lying east of Lake Abbe,

It is situated about 100 kilometers Southwest of Djibouti City and 12 km  North of the border with Ethiopia.

The town is home to a population of 54,000 people.

Dikhil develops gardens and fruit trees.

The climate in Dikhil is characterized by high to very high temperatures - average maximum daily temperatures by month, between 25-39 °C.

Dikhil is one of Djiboutis main agricultural areas, with the local economy largely centered around farming.

The town serves as a commercial transit point for goods between Djibouti City and Ethiopia.

The city was visited by more than 6,000 tourists over the years.

Ethiopian trucks and traders frequently pass through the town.

Dikhil Airport

Dikhil (IATA: HDDK) is an airstrip serving the town of Dikhil in the Dikhil Region of Djibouti.